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PROJECT: Mitsubishi CJ3B-J4 HighHood

My goal is to kitbash a CJ3B from an WW2 MB resin kit.  Here i will post the research and the results... if any.

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JASDF Mitsubishi Type 73 (CJ3B-J24A)

The M606 and its Japanese sister the CJ3B-J4 were used in not a small number in Vietnam during the second Indochina Conflict.  The Army of the Republic of VietNam (ARVN) was the largest user of the CJ3B-J4, but many were put into service as support vehicles by the U.S.  There is a wonderfully informative CJ3B site by Derek Redmond here.
The difference between the two is rather minor for gaming purposes - the J4s have a Mitsubishi diamond mark stamped in the metal above the grill and the military versions have H shaped lamp guards.
Once I find a decent resin kit of a Willys MB (WW2 Jeep), I plan to kitbash a few M606s and CJ3Bs for my VietGaming needs.  Theoretically it doesn't look to hard, fill in the outer two grill slats, raise the good a bit, add bug-eye lamps and thin out the windshield mount. 
Easy right?

Mitsubishi CJ3B

Mitsubishi CJ3B

These are photos of a Mitsubishi CJ3B that i came across in the parking lot.  Despite the "Jeep" decals emblazoned on the sides of the hood it is a Mitsubishi (you can just make out the diamonds above the grill in the lower picture).
This, like the Type 73 to the left are later model CJ3s with the extended fenders.  I have yet to identify what year these models are but going by the military desigantion I'm guessing they date to about 1973.