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Kyobonitsuki's VietGaming Website

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Welcome to my completely thrown together Vietgaming site.  This site was made by me, Kyobonitsuki (the goofy guy in the photo at right) to provide a place to stick stuff that might be of interest to Vietgamers and members of Fields of Fire.
First let me apologize for the crude site, I'm working in Japan and my computer is 3000 miles away - so I don't really have the access needed to write code and make button graphics right now.
That said, I think technology deserves a round of aplause - I made this meager site with my mobile phone and templates in about an hour and a half.

Inside you will find little photos I snapped with my mobile phone.  Yeah that's right i said mobile PHONE.  I've got a rather neat little blue Vodafone with a 2 megapixel camera in it.  It's not great but it does a passable job.
What do I take pics of?
Mitsubishi CJ3B-J4 HIGHHOOD
Research photos of Mitsubishi CJ3B series jeeps.  A license-built jeep built in Japan and used in Vietnam by the ARVN and in a support role by U.S. forces. Pretty much a WW2 jeep with the engine compartment enlarged by raising the hood to accomodate a larger engine.  The J24A versions of the CJ3B still serve in a combat support role with JASDF anti-aircraft units at nearby Komatsu AB and you can catch old civillian ones on the streets from time to time.
BATTLEFIELD by Del Prado of Japan
A weekly periodical that covers a specific AFV each issue.  It comes in a box, includes a 12 page magazine, a collectable data card and a 1/60th bookcase model of the AFV cast from resin and white metal parts.  They are sold in bookstores, run 1,490 yen, and aside from the introductory Type 90 tank are well worth it.

In Japan it is apparently REALLY uncool to wear a Superman shirt.

KYOBONITSUKI... the man, the meaning.
Kyobonitsuki is Japanese, I am not, though I speak it fairly well.  It comes from the title of a movie Sono Otoko Kyoubou ni Tsuki.  The movie is available in the west under the title Violent Cop, good stuff.  Anyway the Japanese literally translates as with that man, violence is included.  I liked that, so I adopted the "violence is included" part as my online identity while in college.

Fields of Fire - Online VietGaming community.
Del Prado Japan - Diecast and Resin bookcase models.
     Battlefield - Resin 1/60 AFV Series
Old Crow Models - 25mm round recessed bases and accessories.
Mobile Support Team Two - Information about NavSpecWarfare groups in Vietnam.

You can get in touch with me on the Fields of Fire message boards under the name Kyobonitsuki.